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Systematic Approach to Trading


Anton Kreil, an ex professional trader at Goldman Sachs created The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management in 2011.

He found that there were a consistent amount of charlatans online promising retail traders unrealistic outcomes, who didn't have a professional background or the knowledge to be teaching retail traders.

In turn Anton, created The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management to teach retail traders a professional and systematic approach to trading that emulates what is taught at investment banks and hedge funds.

Anton 5.png

Anton Kreil
Managing Director at ITPM

4 steps of learning applied to trading


Anton Kreil, depicts that retail traders can be placed within a competency hierarchy. This model identifies 4 different levels of understanding of retail traders operating within financial markets.

  1. The bottom tier is where retail traders have no idea what they are doing.

  2. The next tier up is where a retail trader identifies that they don't know what they are doing but they now have the right education to start.

  3. The second last tier, the student has completed the education but requires to implement the information.

  4. Finally the last tier is where a retail trader becomes unconsciously competent within financial markets.


ITPM, is a sophisticated trading educational platform. There is quite a process to encapsulated the full education and opportunities available within the platform. However the first step is obviously to complete your education through the four course's that are available. Whilst completing these course's you have the opportunity for ongoing support through the ITPM discord servers, that also give webinars, access to mentors and other community members. 

The next step (which is optional) is self implementation of the educational material. Or students can get further assistance by completing a 3 Month mentoring Program.

Finally students after completing and implementing the information can opt to apply for investment banks, hedge funds and proprietary trading firms with the knowledge that have obtained from ITPM.




Online Video Programs

  • Introduction to Professional Level Trading (IPLT)

  • Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM)

  • Professional Options Trading Masterclass (POTM)

  • Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass (PFTM)

On-Going Support/Education

Discord Servers Provide access to the ITPM team and wider community, exclusive webinars and educational support.

ITPM Study Hall - Discord Server includes:

  • Online Program Alumni Only

  • Online Program Support

  • Monthly Exclusive Webinars

  • Historical Alumni Webinar Archive

  • Online Alumni Community Access

ITPM Society - Discord Server includes:

  • Mentoring Program Alumni Only

  • 2-4 exclusive webinars per month

  • Full ITPM Historical webinar archive

  • Premium Mentoring Alumni Community Access

Society Discord

Live Trading Account

ITPM Trader with live trading account funded with $25,000 (minimum)

Dedicated Account Manager

Backend ITPM Monitoring

Track Record Management

No Conflict of Interest

ITPM Self Implementation


ITPM Mentoring Programs

Live Trading Account

ITPM Trader with live trading account funded with $25,000 (minimum)

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Backend ITPM Monitoring

  • Track Record Management

  • No Conflict of Interest

3 Month Mentoring Program

Implementation with ITPM Professional Trader/Mentor

  • Remote Program plus optional vacation with live one to one and classroom.

  • Dedicated professional mentor

  • Access to ITPM Society Discord

Self Implementation

Live Trading Account

Open & fund online brokerage platform outside of ITPM structure. Implement teachings form Online Programs. Option to return to ITPM in the future.


ITPM Trader Retail

Trading with own capital as part of ITPM community. No Objective to trade investor capital


Investment Banks

Hedge Funds 

Proprietary Trading Frim

Successful completion of IPLT, PTM & POTM video series and a 12 month profitable track record

Application Stage

Stand out from Undergraduate, Masters and PhD applications with tailored education, expertise and successful practical implementation.

Interview Stage

ITPM Process 

Trade Idea Generation

Trade Structuring

Risk Management

Track Record

ITPM structure
ITPM Mentors
IPLT Video Series
POTM Video Series
IPLT Video Series
PFTM Video Series

Find out more about ITPM courses 

See reviews of ITPM courses

ITPM believes in providing value to its community, which is why they offer a range of free resources via their YouTube channel to help retail traders improve their trading game. As well as providing additional webinars and seminars away from the course's to help solidify and improve the trading education the provide. 

ITPM Webinars

Summary of Content

  • ITPM hold regular webinars for first timers, alumni students as well as students that have completed a mentoring programme. These webinars revolve around up to date financial markets, structuring techniques and much more.

Society Discord Webinar


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