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Learn to Trade with Confidence

Anton Kreil
Managing Director at ITPM


About us

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Anton Kreil
Presenting the "How to Achieve God Like Trader Status Seminar"

At Learn Two Trade, we understand how it feels for retail traders to lose money in financial markets, and we believe there is a better way. Our mission is to empower retail traders to trade with their own money in a professional manner, using a structured approach like investment banks and hedge funds. Providing a trading education that encompasses actionable insights and strategies that are repeatable, so you can trade with confidence and consistency.

Introducing, The Insitutute of trading & Portfolio Managment (ITPM). At ITPM the mentors and owner Anton Kreil are passionate about educating individuals on the art of trading, and believe that anyone can learn to trade successfully with a structured and informed approach that emulates professional traders. ITPM is a team of experienced and verified professional traders/educators who are dedicated to helping you achieve your trading goals. Join the ITPM community today like thousands of others and start your trading journey.

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“Wherever you are on your journey, you are very much part of the ITPM community, which is without a doubt the best community for retail traders to empower themselves”. Edward Shek

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The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management (ITPM) is an educational entity dedicated to offering trading education and mentorship to retail traders. It presents a wide array of courses and materials aimed at enhancing traders' abilities in navigating financial markets, understanding risk management, and generating trade ideas through a comprehensive top-down and bottom-up systematic approach.


ITPM provides access to online courses, seminars, webinars, and personalized mentoring sessions. These educational offerings cover a broad range of topics including trading strategies, risk management, and the construction of trading portfolios.

ITPM's core mission is to provide retail traders with the education, resources, and strategies employed by professional traders, effectively democratizing access to trading knowledge. The institute is committed to delivering superior education that empowers individuals to make well-informed trading decisions, manage risks efficiently, and achieve sustained success in the financial markets.



The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management (ITPM) is a trading education the emulates a professional approach taken by investment banks and hedge funds. There are typically three steps that a retail trader will take in there journey with ITPM. This is Education, Implementation and finally Career. Each step is not mandatory, but in order to move through each one must complete each step sequentially in order to get the best out of ITPM. 



Online Video Programs

  • Introduction to Professional Level Trading (IPLT)

  • Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM)

  • Professional Options Trading Masterclass (POTM)

  • Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass (PFTM)

On-Going Support/Education

Discord Servers Provide access to the ITPM team and wider community, exclusive webinars and educational support.

ITPM Study Hall - Discord Server includes:

  • Online Program Alumni Only

  • Online Program Support

  • Monthly Exclusive Webinars

  • Historical Alumni Webinar Archive

  • Online Alumni Community Access

ITPM Society - Discord Server includes:

  • Mentoring Program Alumni Only

  • 2-4 exclusive webinars per month

  • Full ITPM Historical webinar archive

  • Premium Mentoring Alumni Community Access

Live Trading Account

ITPM Trader with live trading account funded with $25,000 (minimum)

Dedicated Account Manager

Backend ITPM Monitoring

Track Record Management

No Conflict of Interest

ITPM Self Implementation

ITPM Mentoring Programs

Live Trading Account

ITPM Trader with live trading account funded with $25,000 (minimum)

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Backend ITPM Monitoring

  • Track Record Management

  • No Conflict of Interest

3 Month Mentoring Program

Implementation with ITPM Professional Trader/Mentor

  • Remote Program plus optional vacation with live one to one and classroom.

  • Dedicated professional mentor

  • Access to ITPM Society Discord

Self Implementation

Live Trading Account

Open & fund online brokerage platform outside of ITPM structure. Implement teachings form Online Programs. Option to return to ITPM in the future.


ITPM Trader Retail

Trading with own capital as part of ITPM community. No Objective to trade investor capital


Investment Banks

Hedge Funds 

Proprietary Trading Frim

Successful completion of IPLT, PTM & POTM video series and a 12 month profitable track record

Application Stage

Stand out from Undergraduate, Masters and PhD applications with tailored education, expertise and successful practical implementation.

Interview Stage

ITPM Process 

Trade Idea Generation

Trade Structuring

Risk Management

Track Record


The courses at ITPM are designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need in order to manage a long short portfolio and make your way to becoming a consistently profitable trader. There are four courses offered by The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management (ITPM).

These courses are presented in a video series, which are titled:

  1. Introduction to Professional Level Trading (IPLT) 

  2. The Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM 2.0).

  3. The Professional Options Trading Masterclass (POTM).

  4. The Professional Forex Trading Masterclass (PFTM)


Goldman Sachs
Bofa securities
JP Morgan
Keel Capital


The PTM has literally changed my life! This time last year I was working construction in Australia and trading/learning in the evenings, generally trading price action indicators. Large profits would be followed by large losses. I purchased the PTM 12 months’ access course and studied every evening for 2-3 months achieving 90%. Having no background in economics, I found the material very well explained and easy to follow. Since then I have left my previous employer and had the opportunity to move to Singapore and move into the financial industry. Best money I ever spent! I just wish I had known this knowledge ten years ago.



I have been trading for about 18 months although seriously for the last 8 months. I just completed the 1 month Professional Trading Masterclass with a score of 92. I must say that it has been an excellent experience and I have learned a lot that I am putting to practise as I write this. It has certainly opened my eyes in many ways and helped me understand the markets from a fresh point of view and it also explained number of questions I had previously. Excellent course and well worth the investment. Thank you very much.


Prague, Czech Republic

I want to thank you for opening the door and shining a bright light onto the mystery of trading. I was a novice, but having now completed your course and started working through your spreadsheets and processes, my approach has changed and account equity is ticking positive. You have illustrated the work required to become a profitable and professional trader.


London, United Kingdom

I have an arts background and would consider myself as having a moderate amount of trading experience. Saying that, I have never sought out employment in the trading sector, but the PTM course has improved my thought process to the degree that I would consider doing that now. The PTM Video Series opened and unpacked the mystery of hedge fund trading for me, and then some. I would recommend it to anyone who feels they’re short on the nuts and bolts of trading, and felt that Anton’s course was well worth the investment in both time and money.


United Kingdom

As an already advanced trader taking the PTM, the course was absolutely perfect and crucial for my future trading career. There are multiple Eureka moments during the course and everything just fell into place. In practice I am also much more profitable than I used to be. I am up 36% in just under 4 months since taking the course and applying it. Totally recommend it!



I thought I’d let my mentor know that as per your advice to find myself a source of income to assist my trading, I ended up on the day trading floor in Chicago. It’s been only three months, but I’m doing well. I just really wanted to say thank you; you truly are a life changer. I was always scared of a corporate life and now I get to do what I like all day. Trading in one form or another. BTW I am still using your principles even in my day trading. I’m running spreads on a weekly basis and using all the psychology I learned from you. So once again, thank you!


Chicago, United States

I’m a Downhill mountain bike racer and Business student at university. I bought the course in May. I’m amazed by the amount of information that there is in the videos and the downloads are amazing. It’s easy to understand and very straight forward. It’s worth the money, best education I’ve had.



I started Trading 3 years ago, and I was exclusively relying on Technical Analysis as most Trading courses/Webinars/Books, teach and preach. Purchasing the PFTM video series has made me totally open my eyes and realize the handicap of such an approach as well as the justification for such low gains in my Trading. The course material is golden and I can say that the Institute really delivers on what they promise. The Professional Trader’s approach is clearly explained step by step and I haven’t been able to find anywhere else where you could obtain this kind of material unless you’ve been working in the Industry. I completed the course in 4 weeks with a distinction mark of 93% in the exam, but I did dedicate near 100% of my time on studying the material during that period. It was well worth the time and the investment!



I bought the PFTM 12 Month course and finished it with a 96 score. I’m very happy with the concepts Anton presented. He taught everything very clearly with great examples that will stick in my mind forever. If you are eager to learn a sensible trading strategy backed by statistics and results, Anton is your guy. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

After trading retail accounts for the best part of a year and a half, and being predominantly a technical trader I can say that finding the institute and their PTM video series was an eye-opening experience. This course is a must for anyone serious about trading


Dublin, Ireland

The trading master class has really been beneficial in providing a great understanding of how markets operate and how to maximise opportunities. The idea of allowing someone else to manage my money has always been daunting and I am more excited than ever to begin a career in banking and to trade my own fund. The Professional Trading Master Class has been an excellent eye opener and I am confident of the knowledge I have gained as a result. I no longer follow CNBC and other news Channels religiously. I am far more critical of the content I view. I intend on opening an account with the Institute of Trading once I have enough capital.


Sydney Australia

I work in IT consulting, and have always had an interest in trading and economics. The PTM video series was a true revelation! What an eye-opener! Before my purchase, I was sceptical and thought it was pricey, but what a bargain it proved to be in hindsight! Now I only wish I had made the purchase sooner!





Feel free to ask me anything you might like to know further about ITPM or it's courses.

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